Silicon Chip

Used for the production of crystalline silicon solar cell;

Have polycrystalline silicon chip, monocrystalline silicon chip, polycrystalline square rod, and monocrystalline quasi- square rod; monocrystalline product efficiency is more than 19.8%, polycrystalline product conversion efficiency is more than 18.5%;
Parameter Range:

Monocrystalline M1, M2 standard; polycrystalline edge width: 1565 * 156.5mm, 156.75 * 156.75mm, 158 * 158mm, resistivity: 1-3Ω.cm: minority carrier lifetime is more than 5μs; chip thickness: 200 +10-10μm;

Technical standards such as international standard IEC61851, etc.
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PV Silicon Chip

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