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Performance in nuclear power

      With less energy consumption, smaller impacts on environment and strong supply power, nuclear power has become one of the three main electricity supply sources, along with thermal power and hydro power. Nuclear power is an essential measure to realize sustainable development of society and economy, optimizing the energy structure and ensuring the energy safety and is an effective method to reduce environment pollution and realize harmonious development of economy and eco environment.In the field of nuclear power generation project construction, the transformers and wires and cables for high, medium and low voltages developed independently by TBEA have been used in several states' key projects, including Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant, Shidao Bay Nuclear power plant etc. TBEA proudly supplies nearly 40% in the field of main transformer products of nuclear power.

Guangdong Taishan Nuclear power plant of CGNPC

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan

Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant

Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant

  • Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, located in Chixi Town, Taishan City, Guangdong Province, China, is planned to construct six pressurized water reactor units; the technology of Generation III nuclear power EPR (advanced pressurized water reactor in Europe) was introduced for Stage I project to build up two nuclear power units with single capacity of 1.75 MW. After completion of the two units in Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, consumption of about 8.48 million tons of standard coals will be saved and 20.85 million tons of greenhouse gas emission will be reduced every year. The mode of cooperation between foreign countries and China, joint design and joint construction was used in construction of Stage I project of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and full technology transference was achieved. In design and supply of nuclear island, the design and supply shares borne by Chinese companies were more than 50%; the domestic manufacturing degree of the main equipment for the nuclear island was up to 50%. Common design and supply of nuclear island were completed by the alliance led by China. In common production of turbo generator, the shares undertaken by Chinese parts were up to 2/3. Project management, construction, debugging and construction of production and operation of stage I project of Taishan Nuclear Power Plant were all performed by Chinese companies independently. TBEA supplied the core power transmission and transformation equipment for Taishan Nuclear Power Plant of CGNPC (2×175MW), including 700MVA 500kV transformers, etc.
  • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, a 300 KW pressurized water reactor type nuclear power plant, is the first commercial Nuclear Power Plant designed and constructed independently by Chinese companies and was the largest hi-tech set export project at that time. The Nuclear Power Plant is located in northwest of Chaier Desert of Punjab plain in Pakistan and east bank of Indus, 280 km from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Chashma Nuclear Power Plant was constructed by China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation while the nuclear island, conventional island and constructions of all the civil projects of auxiliary projects were all completed by China Nuclear Industry Huaxing Construction Company; China Nuclear Industry 5th Installation Engineering Company completed production of all installation projects of nuclear island, conventional island and constructions of all the civil projects of auxiliary projects of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. The successful completion of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant is the result of cooperation between Pakistan and China and was praised as the excellent model of South-South cooperation by Pakistan and China. The safety index and operation performance of the Nuclear Power Plant has remained in sound level since Sept. 2000, when the Nuclear Power Plant was put into operation; the Nuclear Power Plant has won the praise from IAEA and laid a stable foundation for further cooperation between Pakistan and China in peaceful use of nuclear power. TBEA produced core power transmission and transformation equipment for Chashma Nuclear Power Plant in Pakistan, including SFPZ-400000-245 transformers, etc.
  • Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant is located in Tianwan, Lianyun District, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China and the plant is designed for the construction of eight MKW level pressurized water reactor units. 2 AES-91 pressurized water reactor units from Russia with single capacity of 1.06 MKW were built for stage I project, which is the high-tech cooperation in the field of nuclear power promoted by strengthening political mutual trust, developing economic trade and enhancing international strategic cooperation and is the largest technology and economy cooperation project between China and Russia. Based on the general contract between Chinese government and Russian government, Russia is responsible for technical issues and design of nuclear islands and controversial islands, supply and debugging of set equipment, and nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, China is responsible for construction management, civil construction, procurement of some equipments withine the fence, design for auxiliary projects of the power plant and most of installation works in the Nuclear Power Plant. Electricity Power System of Jiangsu Province undertook the installation of power transmission and transformation line and peak pitching equipment for the Nuclear Power Plant. Stage I project of Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant was commenced on Oct. 20, 1999 and unit No. 1 and No. 2 were put into commercial operation respectively on May 17, 2007 and August 16, 2007 respectively. After commencement of commercial operation of unit No. 1 and No. 2, no accident of unit or reactor shutting down has happened, the radiation prevention measures are effective; the personal and collective dosages have been controlled effectively; emission of three wastes is far lower than the state control standard and the performance indexes of the units are outstanding, which have created impressive operation performance and social benefits. TBEA supplied core power transmission and transformation equipment for Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant, including 500kV main transformers, 200kV cables, etc.
  • As one of the key energy construction projects included in the National Eleventh Five-year Plan, Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant adopted CPR1000, the Chinese proprietary brand for the pressurized water reactor nuclear power technology, and its improved technology. It will continuously set up 6 sets of mega kilowatt nuclear power units, so it is the Chinese nuclear power project with the greatest quantity of generation units and the largest scale at present, by one-time approval in China, and also an important symbol for large-scale, serialized, and standardized development of China's nuclear power. For such six sets of power units, their localization rate of key equipments exceeds 85% and average localization rate reaches 83%. Construction of Yangjiang Nuclear Power played a positive role for energy conservation and emissions reduction, improving the ecological environment and boosting the local economy. After completion of six sets of generation units, Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant achieved the annual generation capacity of 48 billion kWh. Compared with coal power plants with the same size, it is equivalent to reduce standard coal's consumption of 15,600,000 tons, carbon dioxide emissions of 38,280,000 million tons, sulfur dioxide emissions of 370,000 tons, and nitrogen oxide emissions of 240,000 tons, or equivalent to afforest 102,000 hectares. TBEA provided all 20 sets of 400MVA 500kV transformers and other core power transmission and transformation equipments for #1-6 generation units of Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant