TBEA: a service provider of systematic
solutions for global energy industry

TBEA is an active participant in the three national strategy new industries of “high-end power transmision and transformation equipment manufacturing, renewable energy and new materials” and has successfully established three listed companies: TBEA (stock code 600089), Xinjiang Joinworld Company Limited (stock code 600888) and Xinte Energy (stock code HK1799).

The Company actively practices the national strategy of “the Belt and Road initiative” and is devoted to sharing the advanced electricity construction experience of China with the world. The Company has provided green technology and smart environment-friendly, stable and efficient energy equipment to more than 70 countries, including the United States, Russia, Brazil, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, etc. and supplied the turnkey project and systematic solutions from survey to design, construction, installation and debugging and to training, operation and maintenance to promote the construction of green and efficient power supply and grid, benefit the people of various countries and promote the economic development of local areas.

Distribution of TBEA industry parks

The Company has 14 manufacturing industry parks in China and 3 bases abroad.

Xinjiang Headquarters Science and Technology R&D Base (Changji, Xinjiang)

Northeast Industry Park (Liaoning))

South China Industry Park (Hunan)

Northwest Industry Park (Changji, Xinjiang)

North China Industry Park (Tianjin)

East China Industry Park (Shandong)

Southwest Industry Park (Sichuan) )

Shanghai EHV Equipment Science & Technology Industry Park (Shanghai)

Beijing Turnkey Project General Contracting Company (Beijing)

Polycrystalline Silicon Industry Park (Xinjiang)

Xinjiang Renewable Energy Industry Park (Xinjiang)

Xi'an Electrical Technology Industry Park (Shaanxi)

Xinjiang Joinworld New Material Industry Park (Xinjiang)

Zhundong Coal Power Energy Base (Changji, Xinjiang)

India 765kV EHV Transformation and Transmission Industry Base

Tajikistan Energy Company

Road of innovation for the preparation and manufacture of transmission and transformation (equipment)
It records the history of manufacture that we inherit China’ Transformer; from the birth of the first transformer in TBEA Shenyang till now, China’ Transformer has a history more than 80 years; as a participant, TBEA runs all the way up to now from the first equipment in China to the first one in the world.
In 1938, TBEA developed the first power transformer in China
In 1955, TBEA developed the first 110kV transformer in China
In 1959, TBEA developed the first 220kV transformer in China
In 1973, TBEA developed the first 330kV transformer in China
1979, TBEA developed the first 500kV 1-phase on load tap changing transformer in China
In 1998, TBEA developed the first 1000kV test transformer in China
In 2006, TBEA developed the first 1000kV UHV AD transformer in the world
In 2006, TBEA developed the first 750kV electric reactor and expanded diameter conductors and buses in China
In 2009, TBEA developed the first ±800kV smoothing reactor in the world
In 2009, TBEA developed the first ±800kV UHV DC converter transformer in the world
Honors and qualifications
  • Academician Workstation

  • Postdoctoral Science Research Workstation

  • Enterprise Technology Center

  • Engineering Laboratory

China National Science and Technology Progress Award

Ranking No. 228 in the World's top 500 mechanical companies
Ranking No.327 in China's top 500 enterprises
Ranking No.7 in top 100 of Chinese industrial machinery companies
Ranking No.133 in China's top 500 private enterprises
Ranking No.80 in Top 250 International Contractors listed by ENR

The business scope of TBEA covers over 70 countries and regions and over 20,000 employees are working for the Company.

In 2015, the total capital of the whole company reached 88.7 billion RMB and the sales revenue was more than 50 billion RMB. The Company has built the only national level UHV transformer engineering technology research center, four national level engineering labs, five national level enterprise technology centers, post doctor research work stations and academician work stations, which have formed a science and technology innovation platform where production, academy and research are integrated. The Company has won the honors of 1 special award, 4 class I awards and 1 class II award of national scientific and technological progress prize, China Industry Awards, National High-tech Enterprise, National Technology Innovation Model Enterprise, etc.

The development of TBEA has won high praises along the Belt and Road.

On Oct. 14, 2016,Mr Xi Jinping, the President of China and Sheikh Hasina the Prime Minister of Bangladesh together witnessed the contract signing between TBEA and Dacca Distribution Company in Bangladesh on smart grid and upgrading project for Dacca, the capital of Bangladesh, amounting to over 11.1 billion RMB.

On April 20, 2015, during his state visit to Pakistan, Xi Jinping, President of China, and Nawaz Sheriff, prime minister of Pakistan, jointly unveiled the nameplate of cooperation projects including the 100MW Photovoltaic Project of TBEA and Abubakar Jinnah Solar Energy Park of Pakistan.

On Sept. 13, 2014, during his state visit to Tadzhikistan, Xi Jinping, President of China, and Rakhmon, President of Tadzhikista, attended the completion and ignition ceremony of Stage I Project of Duschanbe No.2 Thermal Power Station and commencement foundation stone laying ceremony of Stage II Project, which was constructed by TBEA

On July 14, 2016, Li Keqiang, the Prime Minister of Chinese State Council, and Zal Glenn Nga Feilden Bart Tutulega, the Prime Minister of Mongolia, witnessed the contract signing between TBEA and Mongolia Energy Ministry on Ulan Bator - Mandalgovi 330 kV transmission and distribution project.

On Dec. 8, 2016, Stage II project of Capital Thermal Power Plant in Duschanbe, Tadzhikistan was completed and put into operation; Rakhmon, President of Tadzhikista, and Yue Bin, Chinese ambassador to Tadzhikistan, attended the completion and ignition ceremony.

On Sept. 26, 2011, Khujand-Ayni 220kV power transmission and transformation project in Tadzhikistan was successfully put into debugging with 5 months ahead of schedule; Rakhmon, President of Tadzhikista, and Zhang Xin, the BOD Chairman of TBEA, jointly pushed the power on button.

On March 26, 2015, Togo “161/66/20kV S Socor Transformation Substation and Power Transmission Line Project” in Togo constructed by TBEA was completed. 。

On Nov. 10, 2014, during APCE meeting, O Neal, prime minister of Papua New Guinea, met with Zhang Xin, the Chairman of TBEA, and had a friendly conversation.

TBEA adheres to the concept of harmonious development of employee-company win-win mode of “development on the employees and for the employees and sharing the fruit of development with employees”; human is the orientation; happiness of both material and spiritual culture of all employees is the target; the system where employees grow with the company and employees incomes grow with profit of the company has been established.

The science and technology R&D base in harmony with nature

The industry parks covered with green grasses

Attractive modern factories

Grand employees sports meeting

Employee team building activities

The group wedding held for employees

Joint performance of the Company

Joint performance of the Company

Refining the production and improving efficiency

The heart-shaped cake for a happy life

The Company advocates harmonious development and insists on the concept of benefiting the local people of the projects and resources, carefully performs the social responsibilities as a large enterprise, endeavors to integrate with the local society development and bears the gratefulness for the society. The Company has invested millions of RMB into the public welfare establishment in four regions in the poverty stricken areas in South Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Gansu, middle Asia, Africa, India, etc. to help the poor people, donate for schooling of poor children and school building, drilling the wells and paving the roads to improve the living conditions of local citizens of the projects in three regions of South Xinjiang, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Angola, Zambia and India, launch the program enabling drop out students to return to schools and change the fates of poor families by providing the chance of education to the children. In construction period of oversea projects, we actively helped the corresponding countries to develop the local talents and establish the industrialization system and was granted with the honor of “messenger of light” and model of Chinese friendship.