Electric Wire & Cable

The electric wire&cable is used for transmit power(magnetic energy),information and to transform the electromagnetic energy, which is mainly divided into 5 major categories: bare conductor, magnetic wire, power cable, electrical equipment cable, communication cable. The products are applied in the fields such as the electric energy transmission of the entire process of electric power system from generation, transmission, transformation, distribution to consumption, the coil or winding for electrical communication and electrical equipment, signal transmission between devices and device control, etc.

Electric wire &cable can be designed according to different application fields and environments as well as products performances; overhead conductor products has the features such as good conductivity, high mechanical strength, light weight, low price, strong corrosion resistance, etc; high voltage and ultra high voltage power cable products has the features such as high-capacity, low capacitance loss, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance, no fall limit or oil pollution, etc; medium & low voltage cable has the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection such as being halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant, fire-resistant, cold-resistant, fire-proof, water-proof, anti-rodent, anti-termite, variable-frequency, etc; and industrial equipment cable is a kind of special cable which can be designed based on equipment operation requirements to be highly flexible, distortion-resistant, wear-resisting, corrosion resisting, and have long service time.
Parameter Range:

A series of wire products such as all aluminum conductor(AAC), all aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC), carbon fiber composite core conductor(ACCC) with a sectional area of 1660mm2 or below. And multi category, series of wire and cable products with a voltage class of 0.3kV-500kV.

Technical standards such as Standard of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), English (BS), American (ASTM), Russian (ГОСТ), African (SANS), German (VDE), French (NF), Pakistan (NTDC), Australian (SAA), Bahrain (EDD), Indian (IS) standards and so on.
Main Products

YJLW03-Z 290/500kV 1×2500

CW-YJLW02 127/220kV 1×1000

YJLHV60-0.6/1kV 4×150+1×70

BTWGT-0.6/1kV 4×25

Cable for wind power equipment


WDZ-BYJ(F)-450/750V 2.5

JHSZ-BV-450/750V 2.5

  • YJLW03-Z 290/500kV 1×2500 (EHV power cable 500kV, 2500mm2 sectional area)
  • CW-YJLW02 127/220kV 1×1000 (HV power cable 220kV, 1000mm2 sectional area)
  • YJLHV60-0.6/1kV 4×150+1×70 (Aluminum alloy power cable with a rated voltage of 35kV or below)
  • BTWGT-0.6/1kV 4×25 (Flexible mineral insulated fire-proof cable)
  • Cable for wind power equipment
  • UGEFP (Rubber sheathed flexible cable for shield machine)
  • WDZ-BYJ(F)-450/750V 2.5 (Copper core halogen-free low-smoke flame-retardant irradiation cross-linked wire)
  • JHSZ-BV-450/750V 2.5 (Environmental protection type high flame retardant PVC insulated cable)