Case of Power transmission and transformation

      Relying on the lead in green energy transmission technology, TBEA active use "two markets and two resources" to share the successful experience with the world of Chinese power construction. According to the project area, construction, technical requirements of different characteristics, TBEA actively participate in the project planning and design, for different projects tailored to different categories of products, from product selection to R & D and manufacturing, from installation to commissioning training management. TBEA has successively provided its products and services to more than 60 countries and regions for green environmental protection, intelligent technology, reliable and efficient energy equipment. TBEA has participated in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Asia, Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Togo, Angola and other dozens of national in power planning and power grid construction by providing survey, design, construction, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and training and system integration solutions. TBEA brings efficient,intelligent and automatic electric power construction technology and experience to the world to reduce the cost of power transmission, to improve energy utilization rate, to reduce labor intensity and load in the implementation, to maintain the stable operation of power grid. This will bring benefit to local people and promote the comprehensive and sustainable the local economic and social development.

Kyrgyzstan Datka-Keming 500kV T&D Project

Tajikistan South-North 500kV T&D Project

Pakistan 500kV G/S Project

Ethiopia 400kV T/L Project

Angola Soyo-Kapary 400kV T/L& G/S Project